torstai 11. heinäkuuta 2013

Baaritiski / A bar counter

Oli yhden lukuvuoden puusepänopinnoistakin jotain muutakin hyötyä teoriaopintojen lisäksi: asiakaslähtöisen työn valmistaminen. Antti oli mun asiakas ja tilaukseen lähti molempien toive, baaritiski. Pöydän kantena ja lasihyllyinä on meidän vanhan ruokapöydän kansi. Kyltin tein myös koulussa jämäpaloista vaneria sekä MDF:ää.

There was a good side on studying to be a carpenter for two semesters (fall/spring) besides the theory: a piece made to a client. Antti (my fiance) was my customer and I full-filled our dream and made a bar. Our old dining table's counter is now the bar's counter and shelves. The sign is also made at school from scrap pieces of plywood and MDF.

Let's paaaaaaarty!

Pintester Movement round 2

Gee, I've been a lazy lazy blogger...sorry! Let's end the laziness by participating to another Pintester movement. This time the goal was to re-attempt one of the "pin-tests" Sonja Froust had already done in her blog. I chose this post with the socktopus.

The main reason of choosing this post was that it came first on my mind from all of Pintester's. I had a fade memory of it being a cute and simple craft and easily adjustable to a cat toy ( = no time wasted on a craft which no-one needs if someone furry will play with it). I had a pair of knee-high socks I had worn 10 times during the last decade so it was about time to give them a new life. To make the socktopus kitty-play -material I added some dried catnip inside the pus.

For your own socktopus you will need:

1. A regular or knee-high sock
2. Scissors
3. Fabric for stuffing
4. A sew kit or at least thred or string
(5. dried catnip if you're making a cat toy)

 Roll up the sock. It's easier to get stuffed.
 Folded fabric cutted from a bigger piece.
 Jam the fabric into the sock. This hand position was the best way to get things done btw.
 Pour in a generous amount of catnip
 Now you'll have this/these.
Twist the thread multiple times around the socktopus's neck making several knots along the way.
 Sew buttons (especially if you're making a child's toy/a mascot). I have wathced over my cats when they play with socktopus so they don't accidentally swallow the buttons!
 Cut the tentacles. 8 would be perfect but gladly cats can't count :D

Soooo, you're perhaps wondering did my cats like the socktopussies? Well...

 Hali (on the background) couldn't care less. Papu was slightly interested...
 After a while she also thought "meh"
She then dragged the 'pus inside from the balcony and used it as a pillow for her afternoon naps.

My reaction to their reactions:


 Mommy's little helpers... not.


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keskiviikko 22. toukokuuta 2013

The Pintester movement: Newspaper nails

I'll be writing in English for this post 'cause I'm taking part to the Pintester movement from Sonja Froust's blog

The basic idea of the Pintester movement is to challenge bloggers/Pinterest users to test a pin they have pinned to their boards but haven't had the time or made the effort to do it. (Here is the list of other people's attempts) I chose this neat nail decor I pinned maybe a month ago:

"Newspaper Nails.Wash the hands, apply one layer of Base and Top Coat.Let it dry.Apply 1 or 2 layers of nail polish.Let it dry.Rip small pieces of newspaper.Dip the nails in Anit-bacterial Hand Gel,apply the pieces of newspaper to the nail,press lightly and hold for a few seconds.Peel off the print and repeat on all nails.Finish with a layer of Oriflame Beauty Crystal Base and Top Coat."

Okay, seems easy and looks really cute. This should work, right? After all, it's from Oriflame! So first, a base coat of clear nail polish:
Then I applied 2 layers of bright yellow cheap ass nail polish (help me and send me more colors and brands, I have only 3 different kinds of nails polish at the moment :( Email me to :> )
This is how interesting my cats think I am...
Something for the nerds out there :D
While you wait your nail polish to dry out, do something productive:

I forgot to take pictures from applying the hand gel, but I put a small amount to a cup and dipped my fingernails there. It felt chilly. I then took my pre-cut newspaper strips and pressed them to my nail. I used the weather section, because we're going to Spain on Sunday and I wanted sunny nails ^.^

First the thumb. That's the largest canvas so your  possible fails show off more clearly.
I took the paper off and...
...then had a smudged fingernail with no ink on it. Tried this to other fingers too and I have to say that this doesn't work. Or I just FAILED Tell your tips at the comments :)

Actually I failed twice for this post. You see, I'm a fan of Sonja's blog and tried to express it with my pintest-nails. "Smudgy nails, what should I do... I know, make tiny hearts on them and then be a creepy fangirl for Sonja Froust!" Must say the creepy part went perfectly:
They're hearts, okay? -__-
What did I learn: I should make time and effort more often to test the pins and other various things I plan to fulfill. Even if it doesn't work out, I'll have fun planning and making them.

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maanantai 22. huhtikuuta 2013


Voi sitä näinkin sisustaa, koska tekstien sisällöt minua enemmän hykerryttivät kuin mahdolliset kuvat ja patinoinnit:

sunnuntai 24. maaliskuuta 2013


Koivusta teimme koulussa jakkarat hiukan ennen joulua ja vielä vähän tammikuun puolella, (ainakin allekirjoittanut sai työn loppuun silloin). Istuinosa on viilutettua MDF:ää. Kädensija on tehty CNC -koneella, samoin kuin istuimen muoto, josta pyöristettiin terävät reunat hiomapaperilla pois (vaihtoehtoisesti jyrsimellä). Oma viiluni on pyökkiä ja koivuosat olen pintakäsitellyt valkoisella puuvahalla. Istuinosan pintakäsittelyt puolihimmeää puuvahaa.

Lähikuvaa jaloista (alh.) ja sivusarjoista. Jalkojen liitokset tehty talttaporalla. Sivusarjojen tapitukset tehty alajyrsimellä ja tapituskoneella + viimeistelty käsin

Käsijyrsin haukkasi tuolistani palasia, kun piti nuo reunalistojen ja kädensijan puupalojen ylimenevät osat ottaa pois... keskittyminen olisi ollut kaiken aa ja oo -__-' Autokitillä siitä sitten selvittiin

Kittauksien kuivuttua laitettiin istuinosa leveänauhahiomakoneesta läpi kunnes molemmin puolin oli tasainen pinta.
 Viilut liitettiin toisiinsa tuollaisella liimanauhalla. On kuin paperia, liima alkaa toimimaan kun kastellaan.
Sitten liimaa kauttaaltaan istuinosaan, viilut tukevasti päälle ja koko homma prässiin noin tunniksi.


Prässäyksen jälkeen jyrsittiin ylimenevät viilut pois ja otettiin CNC -koneella uudestaan muodot istuinosaan.

Istuin laitettiin vielä pari kertaa leveänauhahiomakoneen läpi, että suurin osa liimanauhasta lähtisi.

Loppu liimanauha hiottiin pois käsihiomakoneella

Tuolin runko kokoonpanon jälkeen

 Pintakäsittelyt puuttuvat (ja istuinosan kiinnitys)