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The Pintester movement: Newspaper nails

I'll be writing in English for this post 'cause I'm taking part to the Pintester movement from Sonja Froust's blog

The basic idea of the Pintester movement is to challenge bloggers/Pinterest users to test a pin they have pinned to their boards but haven't had the time or made the effort to do it. (Here is the list of other people's attempts) I chose this neat nail decor I pinned maybe a month ago:

"Newspaper Nails.Wash the hands, apply one layer of Base and Top Coat.Let it dry.Apply 1 or 2 layers of nail polish.Let it dry.Rip small pieces of newspaper.Dip the nails in Anit-bacterial Hand Gel,apply the pieces of newspaper to the nail,press lightly and hold for a few seconds.Peel off the print and repeat on all nails.Finish with a layer of Oriflame Beauty Crystal Base and Top Coat."

Okay, seems easy and looks really cute. This should work, right? After all, it's from Oriflame! So first, a base coat of clear nail polish:
Then I applied 2 layers of bright yellow cheap ass nail polish (help me and send me more colors and brands, I have only 3 different kinds of nails polish at the moment :( Email me to :> )
This is how interesting my cats think I am...
Something for the nerds out there :D
While you wait your nail polish to dry out, do something productive:

I forgot to take pictures from applying the hand gel, but I put a small amount to a cup and dipped my fingernails there. It felt chilly. I then took my pre-cut newspaper strips and pressed them to my nail. I used the weather section, because we're going to Spain on Sunday and I wanted sunny nails ^.^

First the thumb. That's the largest canvas so your  possible fails show off more clearly.
I took the paper off and...
...then had a smudged fingernail with no ink on it. Tried this to other fingers too and I have to say that this doesn't work. Or I just FAILED Tell your tips at the comments :)

Actually I failed twice for this post. You see, I'm a fan of Sonja's blog and tried to express it with my pintest-nails. "Smudgy nails, what should I do... I know, make tiny hearts on them and then be a creepy fangirl for Sonja Froust!" Must say the creepy part went perfectly:
They're hearts, okay? -__-
What did I learn: I should make time and effort more often to test the pins and other various things I plan to fulfill. Even if it doesn't work out, I'll have fun planning and making them.

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13 kommenttia:

  1. Live long and prosper! OK, I got the nerd joke. Thanks for testing this, now I don't need to!

  2. I always wondered if this would work. Great result. I think. /gigglesnort

    xx Ren from

  3. I LOVE your kitty photo!! You are lucky they were ignoring you- mine would have been all up on the table, knocking over the nail polish!

    1. Fortunately our kitties dig the outdoors more than beauty-tips :)

  4. These nails must just be doomed to fail because they don't seem to work for anyone! Nice try, though! Have fun in Spain! :)

    -A Finn in America

  5. Haaa! I tried that one too and it turned out about the same! ;) Thanks for participating!

  6. I think you have to drink a cocktail and THEN it will work. Totally joking. Ethne from Wom-Mom Blog

    1. Or atleast I would think that the nails are fabulous and other people don't know that I'm a trend-setter :D

  7. I think I see more failed attempts at nail polish pins than successes. Makes you wonder if it's a single super nail polisher posting them all.

    Great pick on the sunny yellow nails though.

  8. I think this is a pin to just get people to drink when they fail. LOL

  9. My friend got it to work, and she is the only one i know so far in person. She used really junky vodka tho? Maybe that's the trick?

  10. Well...I like the color yellow! :)